Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break feelin' fuzzy? KARMISSIE-at home hair threading for brows and then some! Save money today!
How to Know When Your Beauty Products are Expired

You wouldn't eat a granola bar six months past the expiration date, so why use beauty products way past their time? See what to throw out -- stat

How to Know When Your Beauty Products are Expired

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It's easy with food, for the most part, to know when it's better in the bin than on your plate, but with beauty products, which rarely boast a written expiration date, it's a different story. See how to tell if your products have "gone bad" without you knowing.

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Hey Gorgeous! Quick update to de-fuzz you for spring break or prom and maybe even your upcoming wedding/honemoon! Karmissie is an at home tool for threading just like you get at the brow bar or spa/salon. I love mine and use it often. So if you would like to try it-here is a special coupon you can use for 20% any order from! Remember to use the savings code CHERELYNN AT CHECKOUT!
Now to show you how it works, enjoy this short video!

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