Wednesday, February 5, 2014

E.L.F. $1 false eyelashes at Walmart: a review for you

Good morning Gorgeous!

I recently stumbled upon the E.L.F. brand in my local Walmart. Yes,- in my very far,very outlying, very near nothing Walmart actually had a small display of the E.L.F.brand. Which was encouraging in one way and disparaging in another.

So  I remember and have experienced E.L.F. brand as being $1 for anything and everything. When I saw it in the Walmart with my favorite beauty item: false eyelashes I figured it was worth the $1 expenditure.

My experience with my Walmart E.L.F. $1 lashes is thus:
I do NOT like the copolymer glue- tis too harsh, too stingy, and too slow to adhere to the skin. I did give the lashes a bend,  and I did give the lashes a strip of glue with ample time to set up and get tacky. did not stay sticky on the corners of the lash which is most important because those are the areas with the most movement and need for stick!

 I DO like the cut, length, and shape of the lashes, the fan of the synthetic lash is beautiful.

So, what's a girl on a budget or beginner experience to do: buy the latex brand ( yes, I have latex sensitvity-but even I can wear a set of lashes for a few hours and not break out into full anaphylatic shock)...test yourself with a patch of the glue on a set of skin that is thicker than your lashes. Like-try patching on your inside of the arm near your elbow!)

The $1 is tempting, and I think these lashes can work for your prom, next photo, or next need forglamour: just use a different glue,( latex!) and allow ample time for working with the stiffer band than other brands.

Cheers to your beauty!
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