Thursday, February 13, 2014

TEEN WEEK starts NOW! Guest blog with Becky Fisher of KIMI

 Hello Gorgeous!
I am so excited to welcome you to TEEN WEEK 2014!

When I started writing the Makeup University blog back in 2007 I had not yet conceived of the TEEN WEEK event. That didn't start until 2011. Since then writing TEEN WEEK has quickly become my favorite part of blogging. It's a chance to come together around the young gals of the world and encourage them and champion their efforts!

Let's get started!

I have several guest posts ready for you as encouragement and teaching. The first one is from Becky Fisher of Kids in Ministry International. 

In our nation, we highly value what our US constitution offers, which is “the pursuit of happiness.” One of the characteristics of your generation is the high premium on wanting to have fun and be happy. But survey after survey shows that the happiest people are happy because of their faith in God. Not just any God, but Jesus Christ, creator of the universe.

It’s very fashionable and popular today for young people to claim to be an “atheist.” But are atheists, or non-religious people, truly happy? One study suggest not. A computer analysis of nearly 2 million text messages (tweets) on the online social network Twitter found that Christians use more positive words, fewer negative words than atheists.

“What’s great about Twitter is that people are reporting their experiences – good or bad – as they occur,” Preston said. “As researchers, we do not need to ask them how they feel because they are already telling us.”

Christians appear to be happier than atheists on Twitter, but the authors caution that the results are cor-relational and “this does not mean atheists are unhappy overall or doomed to be miserable,” Preston said.

We can’t base a definitive opinion on something as simple as this survey, as people are much more complex than this. But if the pursuit of true joy and happiness, as well as peace that goes beyond human understanding, is something you are looking for, then I highly encourage you to give Jesus the opportunity to show you how to achieve this. Makeup and skin products can only go so far in hiding what's in the heart.

Remember—beauty is only skin deep, but joy and happiness go all the way to the bone!

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