Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gettin' Oscar ready: who's wearing a sleek bun? Need help? Try Bun Ease Styling Tool

Hello Purty!

The Oscars are on March 2nd, are you planning a viewing party? I have some help for you if you are looking to create a sleek, stylish bun.  Personally, I'm so glad the whole messy sock bun craze is over.

But a sleek stylish bun, always respectable and in style!

Photo courtesy of Zimbio

I recently received a sample of the Bun Ease styling tool and it was so simple and easy to use! Everything you see on the hotel bathroom counter is what I used to make an easy updo for my night out on the town with friends to see the Rat Pack is Back show.

I love Frank Sinatra songs so I figured I had better dress old skool glamour for the show. But then again, I'm always up for getting all dolled up for going out.

I started with clean hair and I bet if my hair was at least one day dirty this would have been even better!
I do have a light spray of texturizing spray in my hair to help hold flyaways.

 Sorry for the funky pictures, but no tripod! So I simply put my hair in a ponytail, and I lined mine up for a bun that was symmetrical to my ears. Not high, not low, no side, but just past the crown of my head.

 Once the hair is in the ponytail, then slip the Bun Ease mesh styling tool over the ponytail. I swear I used something like this all the time as a young ballerina.

 All you have to do is spread the ponytail over the mesh and tuck the tail ends of hair under the Bun Ease styling tool then secure with hair pins. I spritzed with hairspray and added a pearl jeweled comb at the base of my bun for some accent. So easy and maybe 5 minutes if that to get my updo on!

Finally I put on my Audrey Hepbrun dress and pearls, with heels-and left for a fun filled evening of music and friends!
To get your Bun Ease Styling tool try Amazon or other online beauty stores. It's about $7.95  and comes in other hair shades too!

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