Friday, February 7, 2014

Sochi Olympics open tonight in Russia: good luck to the USA Olympians

TGIF Gorgeous!
I love watching the Olympics! As a young girl, I often dreamed of being a gymnastics Olympian.
No, I never took gymnastics. Though if I were going to be an Olympic athlete that would have been my choice.

So here is a photo of what is possibly going to be the opening ceremonies attire? What do you think?

Already, as of last night the men's snowboard slopestyle competition has begun. I think it was aired before the opening because of the time difference?

Really proud of the USA snowboard athletes and super fingers double crossed and prayers to USA Olympic athlete Shaun White who has a wee injury, crashed in practice and is now focusing on his three-peat for Gold in the half pipe.

Photo courtesy of the Shaun White website.

Please pray for the health, safety and well being of Shaun White and all of the athletes in the Sochi Olympics!

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