Friday, February 28, 2014

How to name your beauty blog or You Tube channel

Hello Gorgeous,
Aye yi yi! Where did this month go! February you went so fast! Fun. But fast!

So today I have  a wee bit o chit chat on where the name Makeup University came from. I'm helping a fellow beauty blogger get started and she is mulling ideas over for the name of her blog and channel.

Why Makeup University?

Oh that's simple, because I when I started blogging nearly eight years ago, I simply wanted to encourage women.

Nothing quite lightens a heart or lifts a moood like a wee word of encouragement. I love to be a cheerleader, yes like back in high school, for another person and support them with kindness in their journey.

I know it may sound silly and simple, though it's true.

I have been doing makeup since the days of Methuselah. When I had my Mancub I knew that I would not be able to travel on location to set for makeup work anymore. So blogging became a two fold answer: A: a way to work from home and write about an area I have knowledge and a love for. Then B it satisfies my need to encourage others.

When thinking up my name I knew it needed to be about makeup. That was the easy part. Then, I wanted it to have a worldwide reach. For beauty is not just about Arizona and the United States, it's a global issue for ladies in eveyr nook and cranny of the world or city. So I made sure that my name was big enough for the world and a place to learn. That's how university came into the naming.

Next thing you know, I'm Makeup University.

Easy peasy.

So now for the new bloggers who are trying to choose a name: pick something relevant to what you write about, make it personal, think about your audience, and have fun with it!

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