Saturday, February 8, 2014

The LEGO Movie: Everything is Awesome!

Oh Gorgeous!
If you like LEGO you have got to see this movie! It's the first full length LEGO movie and it is so darn good you need to see it right now!

My son had a half day at school and it was perfect timing because we peeled out of the school parking lot and off to the movie theatre!

In tow for our The LEGO Movie viewing are Chima Laval and Old West Emmet from the movie cast.

 We stopped to pick up snacks on our way into the theater. My Mancub has been looking forward to this movie so much! He has already set aside  some of his allowance to purchase the mini figure set that goes with the movie.

 One of our favorite thing about seeing The LEGO Movie is the soundtrack created by Mark Mothersbaugh.
The title song sang by Tegan and Sarah is a fun, upbeat electronic pop song that neither of us can stop singing-and we are out of the movie! Everything is Awesome!

 My son was saying that his favorite thing about The LEGO Movie was not just about the LEGO and the master building, but the unique mini figure characters that were introduced, (can you say UniKitty?) and how all of the characters were taught to work together to defeat the bad guy.

As a parent and an adult sitting in the movie, yes there was ample amount of kidness included in the show, but there was also a fair amount of adult conversation and a tiny bit of innuendo that a kid wouldn't pick up buy an adult will.

The LEGO Movie has enough action to keep both kids and adults entertained. There is a very fun twist to the plot towards the end of the movie that I think the parents and adults will get a big laugh out loud from when they see it.

 Bottom line, if you are thinking about taking your 8 year old to see a movie, you can feel good about spending your time and money on The LEGO Movie. And, if you happen to be considering buying the 3DS game to match, I did, and it came with a Old West Emmet mini fig. The game so far is good says my son, but the movie is better. Enjoy!
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