Friday, May 2, 2014

2014 Mother's Day just got darker; Flawless Darker with FAKE BAKE that is!

Hi ya Purty!
Quick note to share the savings from FAKE BAKE to you!

Promotion Details:
20% OFF The Flawless Darker- enter mothers20 Promotion code at checkout!

About Flawless Darker:
The ultimate self-tan with Flawless liquid, just got even better. Take your Flawless tan to the Max. The new formula uses a higher percentage of our tri-ple active tanning agents in order to create and even MORE intense, longer lasting tan.

 I love the color, streak free application and scent of FAKE BAKE products. Plus, that brown blending glove is perfect for bendy parts like knees and elbows!

Try some today-and if the darker tone is not for you, pick a lighter one! There is a FAKE BAKE for sport as well as in a aerosol mist plus a gradual tone builder. There is something for everyone and with summer coming, now is a good time to build your tan!

And on a total side note, here is how I want my hair cut and styled for summer...that is...if I can find a new stylist. My long time stylist is on maternity leave and every time I get to Phoenix she is not at the salon.


If you have a Las Vegas or Phoenix stylist you love and want to recommend, please do! Ok, I'll take a Carlsbad/San Diego referral too just in case!
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