Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day weekend travel beauty: Freeman masks have you covered!

Hello Gorgeous!

So it's officially the Memorial Day weekend. Many of us started Thursday afternoon as the school year was officially over and mayhem could commence for the summer months.

See this lot? This is a load of Sally's Beauty goodies that I have to take me through this #MDW and summer travels. Except the Smashbox, that's an Ulta or Sephora goodie!

Now let's talk skin prep while on the road with an active 8 year old...

Traveling always gives me funky skin. Not sure why. Maybe it's the stress? Irregular sleep and eating patterns? I'm armed this traveling weekend with a set of skin saving masks to help me look more normal.

 These masks from Freeman are super affordable, TSA approved and a perfect way to end a day of sight seeing and adventure.

The green is a facial sleeping mask with honeydew and chamomile. It's perfect for dehydrated skin. Trust me, after a long day at the amusement park or fishing, skin gets dehydrated!

It's for putting on at night and leaving on while you sleep. I have plans to use this post Legoland Chima water park! It sells for $1.99 and you can find Freeman at Walmart and beauty supply stores like Sallys.

 The Freeman Feeling Beautiful Coffee and Chai Engergizing Paper Eye Mask is to perk up tired eyews with a serum infused mask. Simply unfold hte mask and apply to the eye area, wear for 10 minutes then slowly peel off from the edges. No rinsing needed. Toss the used paper mask away and enjoy a refreshed look for the start to another day of adventure. This I will be using on my second day of extreme hiking in Death Valley.  It's just $1.99 and can easily slip into your travel case!

Details and photos from the journey as they come in...enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and be safe.

Remember to hug, salute and thank a veteran when you see them!
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