Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sun Bum spf 30 with Sun Bum Cool Down lotion: Los Angeles skin support

Hello Gorgeous!
I'm busy at the Generation Beauty event at the YouTube Studios and LA Live. There is sun here, free radicals here, and sideways sun and skin damage via smog. Thank goodness I have Sun Bum sun care to take care of me!

 Why Sun Bum?

This skincare was created by surfers for their long days in the ocean and sun.
I have the Sun Bum spray sunscreens and love it. It's nice to have the moisturizing spf 30 available too!

 Now the Cool Down is a skin care lotion that helps cool the skin temperature down. It's nourishing and feels, smells amazing. I have it on hand for the San Diego boat trip as well as the Legoland Chima waterpark.

I'll let you know how these lotions perform! In the meantime, get your Sun Bum lotions on the website at

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