Friday, May 30, 2014

TGIF with Conair AdjustaCurl self grip velcro rollers: say hello to Los Angeles

 Hello Gorgeous!
It's time to head to Los Angeles for Generation Beauty and then some ... more on the then some later..

Until then, I have my hair rolled in these as I drive from here to there!

My hair is rolled with a light spritz of setting lotion to create volume and shine. I want to have full waves when I arrive with enough time to freshen up and change into my party dress.

These are the perfect rollers to take on a vacation trip because they can lay flat or roll up and then when you need to add curl or volume to your hair-you can simply roll them in to wet or damp hair and then dry with a hair dryer or just let them set and cure in your hair.

 I found using mine relatively easy-just be sure and have your hair brushed out and smooth, ready to roll.

 I will add a before and after photo soon!

Until then, see you at #GenBeauty Los Angeles!

To get your Conair AdujustaCurl for your next trip-visit CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Walmarts for about $9.99!


The AdjustaCurl™ lets you create any size curls, lift and volume with one roller! It starts out flat and rolls to the size you want, quickly and easily. Roll into our root volumizer to add volume to straight styles, or roll into standard round rollers to create classic curls and waves or smooth styles. With Tourmaline Ionic technology to reduce static electricity, the end result is shiny, silky beautiful hair. And the flat design stacks to store for ultimate portability.

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