Thursday, May 15, 2014

Grads, graduations and Colgate Optic White toothbrush/pen/paste set- or not.

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Graduations are happening at UofA and ASU possibly even NAU here in Arizona!
What does that mean to me the UofA alumni? Nada this year. Most likely won't matter again to me either because my Mancub is leaning towards MIT or Rose Hulman. (enough with these East coast schools!)

So this post is to out that annoying video of a beauty blogger ( you know who you are) on the endcap of my local Walmart who promises that the Colgate Optic White system will noticeably whiten your teeth  in 2 days.

Really? Lying liars and the lies they tell!

 This is the system that is being sold for $12.97 at Walmart. One toothbrush with a whitening gel pen in the bum of it and a tube of whitening toothpaste.

 Now let's review....

 Normally, I shun the tooth whiteners because I have veneers from a car accident 24 years ago. Yes, my original veneers are 24 years old with one wee chip in the corner caused by a wreckless and drunk friend in a Mexican bar along with some Corona bottles. That's a whole other story.

Now, let's get back to Colgate Optic White:

Here I am fresh after a brushing, and on top of a full week of brushing! The eye tooth is what we are looking at. Noticeably whiter? Nope. Not at all. I have been using this twice a day ( morning/evening), drinking my coffee and wine through a straw to aide the effort and all to no avail.

In the whitening picture: not cutting it and not worth it.
In the "I am a toothpaste loving freak" category-the paste is gritty and minty, I love it! The gel stings a bit on my gum and has enough stickiness to it to last through some of the night after application.

So, I would not buy this again. I would not recommend it as a whitening product, but for those of us who just love all things dental hygiene, if you have a coupon or find it on sale, it would be a good thing to have in your oral arsenal.

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