Friday, May 23, 2014

Hand & Nail Balm by Sebamed for crusty cuticles

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Well, you know I'm a gal who likes a natural and botanical product. The Sebamed brand is not a natural product, but-they are so effective at healing chapped, cracked skin and in my opinion crusty cuticles that are like callouses, I say there has got to be something to their science. And TGIF too!

Now, I seem to remember that Costco has roadshows of the product (ask me how I know...) and the price goes lower as you buy more? Like 3 products for $29.95? Don't quote me on that-but it's what I remember from a few years back.

Here is abit more about the product:
- See more at:
This is a website that does not allow copy/paste of the information. Not sure why, I don't like it, but-it is what it is. If you would like more detail on the brand please use the link.

Something to note, though it contains petrolatum, it's effective. It is not greasy like a jelly, but absorbs fast and stops itching of dry skin. So that's a win, petrolatum or not! Try some and see for yourself!

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