Saturday, May 10, 2014

Melaleuca Whitening Tooth Polish: a review

 Hey ya Gorgeous!
You know when  I find something good I love to share it. Now, I know that Melaleuca is a network marketing brand, but I must say-this stuff is so good!

I'm a tooth brushing fanatic and I'm always on the hunt for a great toothpaste and one that does not cause gum irritation. Enter: Melaleuca Whitening Tooth Polish.

Most brands that are whitening that I have tried, end up hurting my gums and making my teeth sensitive. But not  with this product!

As girls will share products and introduce each other to personal favorites, it was a friend who introduced me to this brand because her sister in law uses it.

Here's the skinny:

Melaleuca’s popular Whitening Tooth Polishes use a different approach to whitening smiles.
Instead of just bleaching stains, Whitening Tooth Polish permanently removes them to naturally reveal a brighter, cleaner smile. And the best part? Our secret to whitening teeth doesn’t come from a lab—it comes from papaya.

Natural ingredients for a naturally healthy smile

When it comes to controlling oral bacteria, only Whitening Tooth Polish brings together a unique combination of ingredients to prevent plaque, tartar, and gum disease for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

I love the product. Here is a website about it:

I did not or could not find a price on the website, so I think this becomes the guessing game about finding a distributor or becoming one yourself to get the product.

Good luck with that. It's worth it!
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