Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mia Floral Halo for Met Gala red carpet, Summer, Graduations and beyond!

Hello Gorgeous!
The Met Gala Ball was held last night in New York city. It's such a who's who of fashion, or at least it used to be. Seems now they let anyone in. Perhaps I will go next year?

I did like the large, flowy, downright voluminous dresses, with a Gone with the Wind look and feel.
I bet the bathroom line was long with so many wearing such frocks!

Ok, so one gal stood out in particular with her fresh and youthful style. Wearing Prada, check out Oscar winner Lupita N'yongo.

 I love the look and her headband is perfect for spring trend in hair and beauty!
I wonder, Lupita, is that halo you wear a Mia Beauty halo?

I received a sample from Mia Beauty and I love it! It shouts whimsy!

I put it on in the halo style but think that I prefer wearing it more like a head band.

 Yep-it feels so Princess Leia at the Ewok party in Return of the Jedi. Her hair had a braided headband, though this Mia Beauty halo of flowers would compliment that look too!

 So for all the girls getting ready for prom, graduations, beach weddings or summer travel, pack a Mia Beauty halo headband! Its just $15.00 and you can purchase online at Mia Beauty or CVS.

Personally, this dress on Anna Wintour at last year's Met Gala Ball in New York could have used a Mia Beauty flower halo!

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