Saturday, May 17, 2014

The LINQ: Las Vegas new dining, shopping 550ft mecca

Hello Gorgeous,
I spent my birthday at The LINQ in Las Vegas and it was so much fun, so worth it and so going back for more!

So we arrived just as the sun was beginning to set! Dinner was at Flour & Barley, a scratch artisan pizza gastro pub. There were so many choices and each we had was so delicious!
Started with an appetizer of hand made meatballs-can you say delish? The meatball was so fragrant and the sauce was a blend of tomato with a dash of pesto!

 I had the Diavolo pizza, and it's a mix of sopratto salami, two kinds of olives, spicy peppers and pecorino mixed with mozzarella cheese. The crust is so thin and crispy.

 I'm drinking a hand crafted cocktail full of prosecco and basil! I think the pizza was $12 and the meatball appetizer was 3 for $14? I didn't pay so I didn't really notice the cost. But figure everything is in the $11-15 range.
 Next stop after dinner while strolling down The LINQ we stopped at Squeeze; a fresh juice bar where you could add  liquor to your juice! My mom got the Blazing Mango-and I think it was the best. I had a Jasmine Collins, my son had fresh watermelon and my Dad had a mix of apple and pineapple.

 Next stop, the High Roller at 550ft above the Las Vegas strip. Best view ever! $34.95 per adult ticket and $24.95 for kids. Locals-get a discount!

 I took so many photos-I mean, the usual insane amount and it seemed like every degree in that pod was a perfect shot!
 Now, here we are, my Mancub is not too sure to start but I'm loving it!

 It's a shot of the moon but you can see me in the reflection.

 There is a fun narration video while traveling the 30 minute journey around the High Roller.
There are 2 bars available for refreshments to take on board the pod. A souvenir photo is snapped before boarding. One thing about getting on, it slows, but doesn't stop unless you are handicapped. So prepare for a running start!

 I had received some pr emails about The Style Lounge opening. All the stylists were standing around, either outside smoking or inside on their phones. They should have listened to me and had a beauty blogger reception to spread the word!

 Our night is just about over and we are ending at Sprinkles cupcake shop for some red velvet cupcakes for the road.

I can't resist one more photo before getting in to the car at valet. There is free parking in the  garages between The Quad, Harrah's, and The Flamingo. (which happen to have a walkway from the casino onto The LINQ). If you don't mind the extra distance, take the free garages. Otherwise, valet is available.

 It was a wild and fast round trip journey to Las Vegas for The LINQ birthday party and so worth it!

 All is well that ends well!

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