Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Best summer hair accessory: Conair french twist the perfect updo clip

Oh hello Gorgeous,
So, in the super hot days of summer, there has got to be a different way to easily style hair up off the neck without it being in a plain old ponytail.

Meet the Conair french twist - the perfect updo clip!

My first try was awkward, but with a little bit of effort and patience, I love the results!


I must admit, I hate the messy bun and the sock bun. I have not mastered the super fancy braids. I need an up do for the summer heat and travel and this wee tool is just the answer I need!

 Directions are on the back of the box and almost everything you need is in the box.

 I had day old hair, so not super clean that it won't hold a style and not quite dirty enough to not need extra pins.
 Here I have snapped the french twist up perfect up do clip in my hair and I'm about to slide it to the ends of my hair.

 This is the first try. It's pretty messy. I had to take it out and try again. It worked better the second time and I also positioned the clip lower on the back of my head.

 This is the finished look. I like it just a wee touch messy and not super sleek. I'm in a hotel room and traveling...can you tell? I set this finished french twist with a light texture spray.

 Can you see the pin work on the side of the twist? I put all four hair pins in and secured two more bobby pins on the top of the twist tool. I felt like it wasn't snug enough and needed this to last all day. I positioned the two pins in a cross hatch holding both my hair and the french twist tool.

 And this is the final result! I left a few tail hairs out to hide the top of the tool. I'm so in love with this simple, and with a touch of learning, easy to use tool! Hello summer hair of fancy updo with little effort!

Get your Conair french twist tool at mass retailers everywhere for in the $3-5 range.

Now-something to note-I have a medium wavy textured hair that is on the thin side. I did have trouble getting the clip to close and had to take a moment or two to ensure the clip was fastened secure.

You may read negative reviews online about the same fact-trouble getting the clip to close. Stick with it if you want an easy french twist! I love how the tool gives my hair some volume in the twist. Normally if I did it with just my own hair it's skinny and flat on my head.

Note, if you have super thick or very curly hair, this may not be a good tool for you. Goodluck!
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