Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Distant Crossings; a book review for your summer reading

Hey ya Gorgeous Chica!
I am a voracious reader. Thank goodness for my Kindle! It's packed!
This book today I am sharing about was "shared" with me by my Mom, who is also a very active reader.
 Though we definitely read different subject matter, this title I am glad she sent to my Kindle.

Meet Jim Barnes...

I found this to be a fast paced, action filled, twisty turny, edge of the page turner read.  And I don't even like reading fiction save for the Jack Reacher series!

I really enjoyed the story, but what I found my mind wandering to after reading is who the movie cast would be. I wonder if this book is in production or has been optioned?

Anyways, it's a great price, and great for a summer read. Moms-commit your kids to reading weekly all summer long! You too!


Here's the Amazon synopsis:

A Distant Crossing is an action/adventure fiction novel. It tells the story of the incredible upheaval in the life of the main character, Jim Barnes, following a meltdown of the world's monetary system. Barnes is an everyman who always lived and played by the rules.

He had trust in the people and systems of government. But, as noted in the book, any system created by man can be destroyed by man. Greed, incompetance and hubris on the part of politicians, bureaucrats and Wall Street bring the financial system to the point of collapse. Jim Barnes, along with millions of other citizens, are left to pick up the pieces and start over.

After reading this book, many wonder if the comfortable, secure life they have come to know and expect could vanish, as it did for Jim Barnes. A line in the book may answer that question; An arrogance, mostly, in believing that what was would always be.

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