Monday, June 1, 2015

Generation Beauty: Day 2 experience is awesome!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday! The Generation Beauty event in Los Angeles at LA Live was cray cray amazing! So much fun!

Special thanks to #Smashbox and @smashboxcosmeticsevents with @ikhanicpix for the new headshot. Love it! Personally, I know, I know, I could possibly be a bit biased - but- Smashbox had the BEST booth at #GenBeauty.
First: Greeter. She was friendly and communicating the points of the booth while directing traffic to the different events going on in the booth. 
Second: Two lines for taking the guests to the artists for touchups.
Third: a photobooth with a wind machine. I'll post my photo on Instagram. (@CherelynnBaker)
Fourth: knowledgeable and welcoming staff to hand out the product sample. Oh, that is after I figured out I had one on the GenBeauty app and could redeem for a product.
Fifth: Donald Robertson decorated the Smashbox and made it feel like visiting part art exhibit and part studio session.  It was luxe all around and I loved it, felt welcomed and taken care of and it was so good I went back on day 2 for a second photo.
This one from professional photographer Steven Khan- I really like and will be using as my new avatar. Why? Because I have my hair and makeup on!

Now, let's finish a wee wrap up of the Generation Beauty event by Ipsy!

I started my day with a wee walk about on the beach. Oh. How. I. Love. The. Beach!

 Next, I get a full face of my fave Smashbox products on! You know, as bias goes, I love everything except the mascara. I have yet to find a Smashbox mascara that I love.

 Now, back to LA Live and of course another photo of where I parked. I'm such a newb. Yesterday I went straight to the most expensive place to park, and today I went to the $5 spot. Wow.

 I arrived EARLY on Sunday. Why? Because the early bird gets the worm, right? Or at least the Too Faced Cosmetics brand new not yet released Born This Way foundation.
Oh. Yeah. These 1000 women thought the exact same thing.... I'm humbled to be in the company of such brilliant gals!

 Now...guess what happened? As soon as I walked into the tent the Too Faced line is closed. Wow.

 Naturally I went to where I'm welcomed! Smashbox much?
Hindsight, I wish  I would have gotten a better photo of the entire booth!

 Now you can see in the photo above the light set up for Steven Khan to take head shots of the Ipsters in attendance at Generation Beauty.

 But! That's not all going on in the Smashbox booth. There are ring lights (Bootsy-if you have not purchased a ring need one. It makes a lump of half risen dough look good! Ask me how I know!) So I snapped a selfie!

Now that my love cup is full of Smashbox. P.S. The Smashbox photo booth with wind machine photo is on Instagram and Twitter!

I have gone back to the Too Faced Line to get color matched and receive a full size bottle of the new and yet to be released Born This Way foundation!

 Sigh. Line is closed. So I was just about to walk away and as I left empty handed and empty hearted I snapped a selfie so I could at least document the process. (When I started in film school, my entire focus was on making documentaries!) 

Alas! What is that? The line opened and it was immediately bum rushed by eager Ipsters to get there chance at Too Faced Born This Way foundation!

 Woot! Look at the elation! Best part is-they have a video booth set up to do a clip of your experience and then a selfie board too. Good times Too Faced. You were worth the wait. Though I am a die hard Smashbox HD Halo Foundation wearer-I 'm going to spend the week in the Born This Way foundation.

FYI-special thank you to the wonderful Too Faced staff who is the one who showed me where the "ticket" is for redeeming for product on the GenBeauty app! I spent all of Saturday in lines for brand experiences and could not receive a product because I didn't know about the app having the "redeem now" button. Oy. Live and learn. School of hard knocks.  If I could recommend anything to the Ipsy team-send out a "tutorial" or welcome video that walks a gal through how to use the app!

Oh wait. That gal is me! I'll make it. Stay tuned!

Sigh. Now that all of that is over, I have some time to enjoy some of the other brands. Like LUSH. OMG. I LOVE LUSH! Wait. The line is out the wazoo. I'm short on time.

So I visited with some of the booth gals and then will review my sample that was in my bag from the party.

 Well. I started out super organized and planned with a map and a check list and that all went sideways. No worries. I still loved meeting the fellow beauty bloggers and YouTubers! I really enjoyed how Ipsy has taken great care and detail in providing an event for ladies to get together, share beauty tips and encourage one another.

Thank you Ipsy and thank you Michelle Phan.

I'm ready to walk off the pink carpet and head out to enjoy a bit of the town before heading home to the beautiful desert of Arizona.

 I am at Universal Studios City Walk waiting to attend a screening experience of San Andreas from an NAB contact in Las Vegas. Oh wait. The day and date on the rsvp invite are different and wrong! True to life I am living "a day late and a dollar short". The event rsvp said Sunday May 28th. Get it? Right day, wrong date!

Ce la vie says me!
This faux paux gave me the most beautiful dining experience of my favorite hot sausage with lots of onions and peppers from Jodi Maroni's. Ok. If you have not had this, you must! Grilled to perfection with a soft egg bun! I have not had this for a decade and the last time was in Venice California.

It was so amazing. I had such a perfect day even though I missed the screening for San Andreas the new Dwayne Johnson movie.

 See this beautiful sign? Yep. It's just what you are thinking!
 But lo and behold! I did not get to spend much time with LUSH at Generation Beauty but then unbeknownst to me, there was a retail store at Universal Studio City Walk! Oh the joy!

I ventured down the Universal Studios City Walk hill and over to Expressions 58 Industry Night and was wowed, by guest speaker Diane Venora. Shawn Bolz sure does know how to bring the rain when it comes to Word, worship and teaching. I'm still processing what I heard and saw. Fingers are crossed for a replay of the session!

Whoa. I don't even know where to begin about how awesome it was. But what I do know, is how to end.
I'm home now. Arizona is Heaven on Earth. Oh. And a lil bit o hell too. 100 degrees?

Welcome home!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!