Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bye Bye Blemish helps my camping induced pimple!
Fall Beauty Guide: Simple Ways to Revamp Your Hairstyle

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Fall Beauty Guide: simple Ways to Revamp Your Hairstyle

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Celeb hair pro gives you easy peasy ways to take your hair from summer to fall in a snap.

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How do you like my bangs? These are so much fun-the affordable clip on bangs from Kymaro that are the ultimate Fall 2010 hairstyle trend! Catch the video and giveaway at

I went camping over the weekend and though I packed my facial cleansing cloths to remove my makeup as I roughed it out in the elements, I still got a pimple. Darn it!

So I have started to use it, and it has a light scent, not overpowering and didn't sting when I applied. The best thing about this acne/pimple product is that it is using 5% salycilic acid to treat the blemish instead of the harsher benzoyl peroxide.

Either way-I expect this unwanted guest to be gone by morning! Enjoy the videos, and remember to subscribe to get your chance at product giveaways!

p.s. Can you believe this is really the final season of Oprah?

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