Friday, September 3, 2010

got2b: Ultra Glued-kid tested & approved
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So here we open the got2b Ultra Glue for a hair style to wear to kindergarten.

We have the other version of this got2b hair product that is more like a glue consistency-though this product is truly a gel.

You know, Mancub and I are a team and so far in his five years he is the hardest working baby in beauty. He is willing to test all the hair products, nail polishes and at this age, some makeup.
If it looks like Mancub is growing a Bieber, he is! I hope he will let it grow longer, but it's still so hot here than when he plays soccer it just gets to be a big drippy mess.
Below are the before and after pictures: for the most part the Ultra Glue held up under the Arizona 101 degree heat and some humidity and the busy activities of a Kindergarten class!

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Before ..... and..... After!

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melonie said...

What an adorible, spiky-haired little guy!!