Thursday, September 9, 2010

Robert Reese false eyelashes & how to video
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Hello my friends and loves! Here I am all dolled up to go out on a video game host audition. Think G4 produced and done locally-more on that later. For now, it is one of the most asked questions I get "how to apply false eyelashes?"!

So below is a video and in the pictures you can see two versions: 1) just what it looks like with me wearing the brand Robert Reese in the "dangerous" design.

Then 2) a look underneath the lash to see what the pattern of the lashes is.

You can get your Robert Reese lashes at Sephora or by visiting Now I must say, it comes with a wee tube of glue that is absolutely lovely!

I mean there is no sting or pull to this stuff and by the time I am writing this the Robert Reese false eyelashes in Dangerous have been on my lids for over four hours!

Seems I can pop these false lashes on in a moment but require several minutes of very gentle removal. I always use a q-tip soaked in eyemakeup remover and I gently rub along the glue line where it is adhered to my eyelid. I also rub along the bottom side of the lashes to soften the bond between the mascara coat I used to tighten the bond to my lashes with the falsies. So on in a flash and off in several steps. I love the look so much that it's worth the extra effort!

Enjoy this short and simple how to video to teach yourself how to apply false eyelashes at home like a pro!

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