Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Must read for 2012-The Ron Martinelli Story
8 Most Innovative Beauty Inventions of 2011

These new gadgets and technologies will make your beauty regimen, and your life, easier

8 Most Innovative Beauty Inventions of 2011

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Boots to keep your feet warm during a mid-winter pedicure, rubber ears to protect your appendages from hot irons, and magnetized nail polish are just some of the most creative beauty gadgets we've seen this year. Take a peek, we're sure you'll find at least one new thing to add to your beauty regimen.

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Hey Gorgeous! The New Year-2012 is fast approaching and it's time to do some soul searching and prepare to take the new season on-head first! Stay strong! You can do it! This fast and easy read of a triumph over tragedy, then triumph again over greater tragedy true story of the life of Ron Zuccaro is a great inspirational read. Here's Mr. Zuccaro telling a bit more about his book and story-enjoy!

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