Monday, December 19, 2011

Seaweed Bath Co.-Christmas stocking stuffer for the friend or family with flaky skin
What's Really Causing Your Acne?

Sure, that evil trifecta of stress, hormones, and greasy foods could be to blame. But find out if these other seemingly harmless habits are also causing your breakouts

What's Really Causing Your Acne?

This is a acne article

You may be well past your awkward, terrible-skin high school years, yet you're still dealing with breakouts. Yes, life is indeed unfair. Here are all of the potential issues that could be irritating your skin -- and the solutions that will help you treat your acne and get rid of it for good.

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Hello Gorgeous! Happy Monday! Merry Christmas...only 6 more days!
Is there someone in your family who has psoriasis or eczema? If yes-then you know how painful and itchy it can be! If not-just know, it hurts!
The Seaweed Bath Co samples I have been testing are amazing! So gentle on the skin! I bet this product would do well for babies!
The best part is-if you have a friend or family member who has dry, itchy, painful psoriasis or eczema skin, now you can give them a gift of Seaweed Bath Co and help them feel better fast for the new year.
You can get it at Whole foods locations or online at
Now, enjoy this wee video with Dr. Oz and the benefits of brown seaweed!
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