Monday, February 13, 2012

DURI Nail polishes-help bring the Valentine love to your fingertips
The 30-Pound Weight Loss Makeover

One woman lost 30 pounds but can't shake off her "fat girl" mentality. See how her hair and makeup transformation helps boost her confidence

The 30-Pound Weight Loss Makeover

This is a makeover article

Even though Wendy Zehder is now at a healthy weight, she confesses she still has "fat girl syndrome" and sees herself as larger than she really is. We decided we had to do something about it, so we gave Wendy a makeover to match her body transformation. See her new look now.

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Hello Gorgeous!
A day away from Valentine's Day-
there is still time for you to prepare yourself for a day celebrating love and the ones you love!

Duri nail polishes are made in the United States of America-and come in a wide variety of colors.

I've been using my samples in manicures and pedicures and having great results with long wear and little to no chipping on my manicure.

See all of the colors on the Duri website!

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DJ said...

i know that you have covered this many times but i need to ask again - what is the best water proof make up for the beach? a little for the eyes is what i am most thinking. maybe a little for face also. what do you think? thanks.