Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Chocolate for your hair with Bio Supplements Cappuccino Rico

10 Things You Should Know Before Eating Out

We love going to restaurants -- but we were shocked to read these secrets they keep from their customers

10 Things You Should Know Before Eating Out

This is a TotalBeauty.com diet article

Newsflash: That "healthy" dish may not be as diet-friendly as the menu says it is and those mouth-watering pictures are getting you to eat and spend more than you think. See what restaurant owners don't want you to know so you can arm yourself before your next meal out.

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Hello Gorgeous!

One of Allure magazines favorites and mine too! Valentine's day is coming up quick and you still have time to get some of this thick, sweet smelling, super hydrating hair masque from Bio Supplements called Mocha Cappuccino.

The weather is dry-and so is your hair-maybe a bit frizzy? Not after using this one time! I put my sample on after shampooing, then baggied up my hair and wrapped it in a warm towel for 20 minutes. The results? Smooth shapely curls that smelled like one of my favorite coffee drinks!

So why not try some for your Valentine's preparation? To continue in the pledge for an all out love fest this Valentine's day-how about having a spa party at your place for the teen girls you know? Hair masques, and at home spa manicures/pedicures? Be the one to show love first! You can do it-and have a neighborhood of de-frizzed kids too!

I know that once you get thinking of the people in your circle of influence that you can come up with a few person or two that you can show unconditional radical love and encouragement to! Go girl go! You can do it!

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