Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lancome 2012 Roseraie des Delices-Vert Tendresse for the Green Out at WM Phoenix Open
Easy Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine

Think you have to give up all of your favorite products to get eco-friendlier? Think again. These tips will show you how easy it is to be green

Easy Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine

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You tote a reusable bag to the farmer's market. You buy energy-efficient light bulbs. You even carpool to work every now and then. You know the virtues of going green -- and now it's time to get a little more conscious about your beauty stash. The good news: New eco-friendly technologies in the beauty industry mean you don't have to give up your go-to beauty regimen to clean up your act. Here are the small changes that pay off big

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Good morning Gorgeous!
Get ready for the Green Out at the Waste Management Phoenix Open today!
I'm wearing the new 2012 Lancome Spring collection Roseraie des Delices-it's like a makeup garden party created by Aaron De May.
The eyeshadow palette is #502 Vert Tendresse and the lip gloss is #386 Green Petal-both are gorgeous!
The shadows have a high pigment load, blend well, have a nice amount of sheen and sparkle to them-my favorite is the dark green gold flecked eyeliner you see in a thin strip at the bottom of the compact.
I am wearing the Lancome Vert Tendresse shadows and Green Petal gloss in a Dinah Shore tribute look for the Phoenix Open Green Out today to help raise funds and awareness for Arizona Clean and Beautiful project.

If everyone does a little bit, a whole lot will get done! I've got a how to video ready for you!
The product details are below the video:

Sunscreen: Smart Girls Who Surf spf 30
Foundation: a mix of Sue Devitt Spacomplexion Manihiki with Avon Extra lasting Buff
Eyeshadow: Lancome Vert Tendresse #502
Mascara: Lancome Hypnose in Brown
Brows: Brow Diva in Sophia
Bronzer: Borghese Spectra
Lips: Nude liner by Jordana
Lips: Lancome Green Petal #386

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