Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines day-a love gift for yourself in Krigler Blue Escapade 24

7 Biggest Celeb Beauty Lies

We're used to celebrities lying to us about their marital affairs. But what about the beauty lies they pass off as advice? See the worst of them now

7 Biggest Celeb Beauty Lies

This is a TotalBeauty.com celebrity hairstyles article

OK, OK, nobody is buying that's all Kim Kardashian's real hair, but what about the other beauty lies celebs pass off as fact? See the worst of Hollywood's beauty lies now.

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Hello and Happy Valentines Day Gorgeous!

I have a wee sample of this scent-I love perfumes and fragrance and the intricate blend of notes in this perfume is delicious and intoxicating! It's a perfect gift to give someone or your self! Visit the website to get yours!

Krigler-craftsmanship, elegance and intrigue.


An updated version of our classic fragrance created back in 1924. Inspired by Napoleon's trip in between Biarritz and San Sebastian. Blue Escapade was a special order from a wealthy british Lord who had a house on the Atlantic coast called Blue Escapade. The imperial fragrance is made with notes of Vetiver, Cedar, Fig, Grapefruit and Orange. A pure tradition of fine Perfume.

Now remember-today is Valentines day-it's about remembering the love you have for the Lord, for your family and friends, for your workmates and business, for your significant other and for yourself! Treat yourself good and others will too!
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