Monday, February 6, 2012

Reveal the Passion by Halle Berry for Valentines Day
16 Best and Worst Waterproof Mascaras

Sick of runny, smudged mascara and raccoon eyes? You need this list

16 Best and Worst Waterproof Mascaras

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Reality TV stars Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian have this in common: crying on national TV with mascara running down their cheeks. They were clearly not wearing one of these top-rated mascaras. Even if your next good cry isn't televised, you can let your tears flow knowing that one of these best waterproof mascaras will keep you from looking like a raccoon. Just make sure to avoid the duds

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The Worst No. 6: Maybelline New York Great Lash Washable Mascara in Waterproof, $6.40 average reader rating: 6.5

"I turned into Ricky Raccoon after just three hours with this mascara on."

The Worst No. 5: CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Waterproof Mascara, $7.24 average reader rating: 6.1

Readers call this "pure crap," vowing that "this is the last time I buy drugstore items with terrible false advertisements."

The Worst No. 4: Maybelline New York Intense XXL Volume & Length Waterproof Microfiber Mascara, $9.40 average reader rating: 5.8

"It looked oddly like I was wearing bad fake lashes, like the kind you would find in a 5-year-old's dress-up kit."

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Hi there Gorgeous,
Now with the hoopla of the WM Phoenix Open and Super Bowl 46 over, tis time to get serious and down to business about celebrating for Valentines Day.

I encourage you to rethink the day-please consider it a chance to love unabashedly, with abandon and to practice a multitude of random acts of love and compassion.

Remember-the more you give the more you get! Valentine's day is so win win win-when you focus on loving others, yourself, doing acts of service and love is far better than just focusing on a significant other.

There are many old folks homes that need a sweet smile to come in and hug, play cards and visit. Maybe even your neighbor needs this? What about the children around you? They could use an encouraging and positive word-from you! Care for some stray animals, was the coffee cups at work without being asked-just do something to show love. It will make you feel amazing!

Now-as you know, I'm a fragrance junkie. I love fragrance. Perfume is my favorite accessory. I have been playing with my sample of the new fragrance by Halle Berry made by Coty. I have the notes listed below, and it's a light fruity floral-no wonder I like it. But-one thing-it smells amazing for the first 15 minutes and then starts to fade and in an hour I don't really have much of a scent left? I'm not opposed to reapplying, but there are some fragrances that I put on that don't come off til I shower!

Here's the notes-enjoy!
Top notes of Italian Bergamot, Dewfruit, Freesia and Apple, passionate heart notes of White Champaca and Mangosteen, and sensual drydown notes of Branches of Ambered Okoume, Patchouli and Lusks, the new Revel the Passion is a more alluring interpretation of the original Reveal fragrance.

Available in a 15 ml and a 30 ml at Sears, Kohls and Rite Aid-but, the internets are reporting that they can't find it in the stores? I'll be at Kohls this week and will check-otherwise-I just may have to sparingly use my sample!

The price point is under $30.00.
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