Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day bridal engagement look with Fraser Islands by Sue Devitt
4 Expert Tips to Prevent Chipped Nail Polish

Tired of your nail polish smudging and chipping mere hours after you plonk down $15 for a manicure? These tips will help you keep your mani looking perfect

4 Expert Tips to Prevent Chipped Nail Polish

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There are a few things that annoy me in this world: Kim Kardashian, my postpartum outie belly button, and nail polish smudges. And while I get the sense Kim K. isn't going to step out of the limelight anytime soon, and there is simply nothing to be done about my outie, I focused my energy on uncovering a few surefire tips to keep my nail polish perfect.

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Hello Gorgeous!
It's Valentine's Week here on the blog!

I have some Valentines' day tips for you and a how to video to get a soft, romantic look that is pretty and not made up for those of you ladies
who think that there just may be a
proposal heading your way on Valentines Day.

For those of us who are not married and not currently in courtship too be married-Valentines day becomes our personal playground to
be the hands and feet of love to those around us!

I encourage you to spend this week preparing to show love to the least of these, the less fortunate and the forgotten.

You can accomplish this by simply do these few things:
1. Smile more and greet more the immediate circle of people around you at home, work or the kids sports activities
2. Take a meal to a working single mom
3. Bake for your neighbor-corn muffins or brownies just make something
4. Bring juice boxes and fruit snacks to the playground for ALL the kids not just yours
5. Send emails now-that state a simple sentence of what you love about that person. Easy! Now go do it! Don't wait for the 14th-get started now!

Okay-the video is a how to get a bridal engagement look for a romantic Valentines dinner.

I've been using my Sue Devitt samples and I love the pigment load, blendability and long wearing results of the Fraser Island color story.

Here's the products:
Skin: IO Beauty
Foundation: Spacomplexion in Manihiki-but mine is blended with Avon buff to lighten up
Eyeshadows: Miramar and Sierra leone
Eyeliner: Kalahari
Mascara: Kenya Lash Intensifier
Lips: Telina gloss
Blush: Pink from Neutrals palette ...all makeup is Sue Devitt Fraser Islands. Get online or at Sephora and Ulta!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!