Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sangria: blind taste test for best low calorie Sangria
7 Biggest Celeb Beauty Lies

We're used to celebrities lying to us about their marital affairs. But what about the beauty lies they pass off as advice? See the worst of them now

7 Biggest Celeb Beauty Lies

This is a celebrity hairstyles article

OK, OK, nobody is buying that's all Kim Kardashian's real hair, but what about the other beauty lies celebs pass off as fact? See the worst of Hollywood's beauty lies now.

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Hello Gorgeous!
It's the weekend-and if you are out celebrating the Arizona Best Fest for the state's 100th birthday-or getting ready for Valentine's day-and maybe even just having a bbq but wanting to stay true to your New Year's goals of weight loss and healthy eating-watch this short video of a blind taste test. It's delicious!

Skinny Girl makes a margarita, a sangria, and a cosmo flavored low calorie cocktail that is sweetened with agave syrup for lower calories and glycemic index. Enjoy one knowing that you are not drinking a large amount of calories but getting a full serving of flavor!

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