Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flip Flop Spa for WM Phoenix Open & Coors Light Birdsnest with GooGoo Dolls & Will.I.Am
8 Eco-friendly Beauty Tips

You can be good to the earth and gorgeous at the same time. These tips prove it

8 Eco-friendly Beauty Tips

This is a natural beauty article

Looking good and being green aren't mutually exclusive anymore thanks to these brilliant ways to green-ify your beauty routine. We promise you can keep your curling iron and hairstyling products.

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Hey Gorgeous-see these? The flip flop spa is amazing! Talk about what happens when necessity meets ingenuity! I love them. I'm using them right now.

These are interchangeable, you can clean them ( a big plus for me) you can switch and mix your oils for your moods, needs and fatigues! I'm beginning to make my gift list now for Mother's Day gifts, proms, graduations, birthdays, Valentines and you name it! They are so easy to use, feels good, and when my soft buffed tootsies come out of the flip flop spa I put a little bit more oil on them and slip on a pair of cotton comfy socks! It's win win win! Enjoy the video and more importantly, visit and order some today-because you need it tonight!
If you are attending the Scottsdale area PGA tour called the Waste Management Phoenix Open-you definately need Flip Flop Spa!

p.s. When you get yours-comment and let me know how you love them, I want to know!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

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DJ said...

I absolutely love this. nice that you can make a little fun of the reality of what happens at sports events where there are men with $$$ and youngist men there just for the fun.
I agree - everyone should be aware of the 'wild life' that surrounds us.
thanks for a great start of the day!