Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl 46 parties-the looks and the parties!
The Ultimate Eyeliner Guide

From the basic straight line to the crazy retro cat-eye, we’ve got 10 eyeliner looks that you must try now

The Ultimate Eyeliner Guide

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We know what you're thinking: I can barely draw a straight line, let alone a winged tip. Are we right or are we right? Well that's where eye makeup guru Taylor Chang-Babaian comes in. She shares details on how to hold the brush, keep your hand steady, and achieve the more daring looks -- all on your first try.

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Hey there Gorgeous! Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Be safe out there today while you are having fun with your friends and family. I'm wearing my sample of the Violent Lips Glitterati crimson lip tattoo. It's pretty-but I didn't follow the instructions verbatim so-they are lifting a bit on the edges. No worries-now that you know what I did wrong, you can do better!
I also have the Streakers Wild Weekend RED instant liquid hair color in a thick skunk streak in my bangs but you can't see it because of my dark hair color.

I like the product and body painting some fun prints and designs would be a second good use for Streekers. They come in so many fun colors-for you tow heads! Enjoy this short video-and comment with what your Super Bowl 2012 party look is!
p.s. Below the video is a listing of the 'it' parties in Indianapolis today-Twitpic if you are there! Or Shazaam it!

Sunday, Feb. 5

Rolling Stone-Volkswagen party -- featuring Jane’s Addiction, the Ro, Pete Wentz. Location: Crane Bay Event Center, 551 W. Merrill St. Tickets: $500. More info:
Super Bowl Pregame Party -- featuring Archie Manning and Paula Deen. Location: Indiana State Museum, 650 W. Washington St. Tickets: $499. More info:
Maxim’s Salute to Heroes tailgate party -- featuring Guy Fieri, Tony Siragusa, Dakota Meyer and April Rose. Location: Missouri and McCarty streets. Tickets: $575. More info:
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon -- featuring Jimmy Fallon. Location: Hilbert Circle Theatre, 45 Monument Circle. Ticket application:

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