Thursday, February 9, 2012

H20+ blue for a rosy Valentine's Day
9 Ways to Play Up Your Best Features

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9 Ways to Play Up Your Best Features

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Gone are the days of covering your face in a thick layer of foundation and loading on the hair gel. We'll show you how to flatter your best features without smothering your face and hair with products. See how to look your best naturally.

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Hello Valentine!
You are looking gorgeous! I want to remind you that this year the Valentine's Day is all about encouraging yourself, and spreading random acts of love and kindness to those around you!

You may know from reading the blog that I love fragrance-and this light, clean scent is perfect for those of you who do not like fragrance. This signature fragrance from H20+ comes with a toilette in 1.7 oz and has a companion body lotion in 6 oz. This product is made in the United States-so I encourage you that when buying Valentine's gifts, get something made nation local!

Here's a few notes about the fragrance from the website-and remember you are the best Valentine the planet has ever seen! Now go spread some love!

"A fresh, uplifting fragrance with notes of watery peony, rosewood, nectarine and bergamot subtly scents the skin

Bright, refreshing blend of aquatic florals, woods and sun-ripened fruits
Layers beautifully with Blue body lotion and H2O Plus shower gels
Inspired by the infinite beauty of the sea"

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