Monday, April 8, 2013

OLAY PRO X anti-aging starter kit: best for busy moms

 Hello Gorgeous,
I'm a busy mom and I bet you are too. For anyone who is not a busy mom, you really can not comprehend just how busy and hectic balancing a life full of kid schedules, personal schedules, house cleaning, meal making, homework helping, work searching, and pets!

I shared these photos because it's a juxtaposition: I'm relaxing on the beach and the kids are playing but I'm still plotting, planning and in a form of work mode on our vacation!

 I recently received a sample of OLAY PRO X anti-aging starter kit and boy have they made it short and sweet-simple 3 steps too! Eye cream, day or night cream. The starter kit did not contain a cleanser and I hope to try that out soon too! So that's the 3 steps: cleanse, moisturize eyes then face. Simple.

 If you are looking for an anti-aging routine that you can fit in your busy mom schedule, then read the details below, or click through the link to learn more about the product and then get on down to the Walmart or Target and get you one! You'll be glad you did!

 Now here is the details about OLAY PRO X Starter Kit:

Protect skin in the morning with Age Repair Lotion with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, spreading evenly over your face and neck. Treat skin morning and night by applying Eye Restoration Complex to corners, lid, and sub-orbital eye area, massaging in thoroughly until absorbed. Transform skin at night with Wrinkle Smoothing Cream by smoothing over your face and neck.

Olay Professional is at the forefront of science and anti-aging technology. Leading dermatologists and Olay skin scientists have partnered to establish the Olay Professional Alliance. Through this partnership, Pro-X was created to bring you prescribed regimens to treat your specific skin care concerns. Our goal is that you are satisfied with your product choices. Rigorously tested through multiple technical studies, Olay stands behind these products and guarantees your complete satisfaction.

We promise your satisfaction with this product or we'll refund your money. Call 1-866-710-PROX (7769) with original receipt within 60 days of purchase. Limit one refund per household. Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!
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JoJo said...

Sounds just about right for me...great review as always!

Cherelynn said...

It's a great skin care system to begin with-and if you travel, getting the starter kit is perfect for airlines without having to transfer product from your full size jars into travel sizes. Thanks JoJo!