Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What my Easter weekend mani/pedi looked like with Sally Hansen complete salon manicure

Hello Beautiful!
The Easter weekend was so full of fun and adventure. Albeit chilly weather, we still made it out to the beach and the Legoland waterpark for some fun. My son played in the heated water at Legoland and I touched up my manicure.

The lifeguard at Legoland said what all moms say to their wrinkly children who will not get out of the water: "Aren't you cold?" and to that my son said "No" and went down the water slide again.
Good times were had by all and again, I am loving the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure nail polish. This weekend I was wearing purple and gold for Resurrection Sunday services. I recommend for the gals going to prom or the ladies getting married-try this polish because it's just about $5 at mass retailers like Walmart and it wears in one stroke like a top coat/polish/base coat.  Plus it lasts and lasts!

Here's a short video to show you more:
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Nadia Cohen said...

I want a mani/pedi :(

Cherelynn said...

Me too! And the gel polish on my fingers and something funky bling bling on my toes! Cheers to us getting some soon!