Thursday, April 18, 2013

Schick Hydro Silk for Coachella soft legs

 Hello Purty!
Oh the weekend is almost here and there are so many events going on. Where are you going to be? Coachella? If yes, please catch the 2 Bears set! I hope to listen in on the YouTube Coachella stream.
The 2 Bears

No matter where you go be sure and let the bears wear the fur! For ladies who need a close shave for legs try Schick Hydro Silk Disosables with water activated moisturizing serum which come 3 to a pack for $9.99  at drugstores everywhere.

Or, for our more commitment minded ladies, try the new limited edition Schick Hydro Silk refillable razor with the same water activated lubricant available for $9.99   at drugstores.

Both come with 5 curve sensing blades for your closest shave ever.  Be sure and get some Skintimate Raspberry Rain moisturizing shave gel with vitamin E and olive butter to ensure a soft close shave. The 7 ounce cans retail for $2.79 and the mini travel size at 2.75 ounce sell for $1.99.

After shaving is a great time to self tan due to the exfoliating nature of the blade. So get a safe self tan on that can have sunscreen layered over it for your weekend fun!

P.S. So far I prefer the disposables because they really fit my traveling lifestyle. Which is your favorite Schick shaver?

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