Saturday, April 20, 2013

ORIGINS: Celebrate Earth Month 2013 with limited edition packaging on classic skin care products

 Hello Gorgeous,
I sure hope you are enjoying a wonderful Sabbath rest or family adventure. I am in Tucson for the funeral and so far, things are beautiful and wonderful. So good to see so many faces from long ago.

Speaking of long ago, I love the Origins brand available at Macy's and independent retail stores. They are one of the first pioneers of natural skincare that is free of parabens and harsh chemcials.

They have re-packaged some of the classic products from the line with a limited edition artwork to celebrate Earth Month. I packed these with me for the trip and love the comfort they provide.

The Clear Improvement active charcoal mask is $19.00
Drink up Intensive overnight mask is $19.00
Modern Friction Collection gentle dermabrasion is $27.00
Checks and Balances frothy face wash $15.00 ( love this!)

Maybe you would like these too?

Origins is debuting four limited edition products that provide the essential skincare prep needed for a fresh outlook. 

In partnership with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf; an education and action program that helps individuals, agencies and corporations improve the local and global environment by planting and caring for trees, Origins will plant a tree for each limited edition product purchased from April 21-28, 2013.

Here are a few of the favorite products:

·         GinZing – the latest addition to the collection is the Energy-boosting moisturizer, launching this spring, which revitalizes lackluster skin and jumpstart hydration levels

·         Plantscription Anti-aging serum – being a self-proclaimed anti-aging aficionado, this product is essential for reducing wrinkles and can be incorporated into any existing skincare routine

·         Clear Improvement – unclog pores with this cult favorite mask, containing activated charcoal to clear skin. I use it along with my Drink Up mask to quench skin’s thirst

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