Friday, April 5, 2013

Prom signature scent with SOMEDAY by Justin Bieber swept away hair mist

 Hello Purties!
Proms are happening all over Arizona and many are scheduled for next weekend! You know I love, love, love fragrance and like to commemorate major moments in my life with a signature scent.

I encourage you that as you are getting ready for prom that you have a signature scent. Something light with whimsy and that you could wear through spring and the summer before transitioning to a 'back to school' scent.

I find fragrances everywhere and some are costly and others are on the mark down rack in the drugstore.

This scent SOMEDAY by Justin Bieber is a light floral and this particular product is designed specifically for hair. The notes are: mandarin, juicy pear, wild berries, jasmine, creamy florals, vanilla, soft musks. 

You can buy it online or at Ulta and Nordstroms and in the $20 range for a 5 oz bottle.

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JoJo said...

I am honestly one who loves my hair to smell amazingly good. If the product does not have a wonderful fragrance I won't buy it :) Need to check this product out.

Cherelynn said...

I am such a fragrance junkie-I love to layer on perfume. This is a very light scent and is made for hair so the smell won't be over powering. You may see some reviews that say it fades too fast-well-it's made for hair and is supposed to be light. To get a stronger scent it needs to be paired with a scented body lotion or perfume. But it's floral and good to me!