Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eve Pearl: The Ultimate Face Palette & The Flawless Face Palette

Booya Gorgeous!
I love Eve Pearl as a makeup artist and what she has accomplished in her career which includes 5 Emmy Awards. Eve is also the author of "Plastic Surgery without the Surgery: the Miracle of Makeup Techniques".

Eve is also an innovator in High Definition Beauty and she has developed an exclusive luxury brand of multi-functional cosmetics named after her, Eve Pearl.

The  Flawless Face Palette in cream has 2 cream foundations shades, 2 cream concealers, 1 cream blush, 1 mattifier and 1 illuminator. I have the Medium shade.
I think as a makeup artist, I love this palette for my kit, and as a makeup junkie, I love it for my travels!

The cream palette can do an entire face for camera or everyday makeup. The textures are smooth and buttery and blend effortlessly. I know Eve Pearl recommends a sponge for blending down the foundations, though I'm so germ phobic the thought of using a sponge creeps me out. It's a brush or fingers for me!

Eve Pearl offers several different colors for the cream palettes: everything from the lightest to the most tan skin tones. There are several professional palettes that can be filled with creams or powders. In my opinion just get both!

The Eve Pearl Bombshell face palette is an essential "on the go" palette. It's full of double pigmented pressed powder, multi-functional shades and is fragrance free for sensitive skin. I have used it a few times before making my video and got both a light day look, a business look, and a boom chicka boom smokey eye for night time out of the palette.

Best of all, the pigment load is high so the shadows wore all day and only a little blending refreshed the color on my lids for dinner out.

There are so many choices and professional products that the everyday lady can use. Next on my Eve Pearl list-the salmon concealer. I'm an eye creme and concealer junkie and I must see how this salmon concealer holds up next to Bermuda Triangle by Sue Devitt or Eyemazing.

Now, here are two videos: first a smokey eye by Eve Pearl herself, then my video review is below. Enjoy!
Please let me know in the comments if you can tell a difference in the Eve Pearl "reverse contour" method I applied in my video and Eve uses in her.

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