Sunday, November 3, 2013

You Tube Music Awards look with Presstige Skin Loving Minerals Jasper Collection

Howdy Gorgeous!
Who else is watching/participating in the You Tube Music Awards?

This is the websites/channels first award show and I think it's struggling to find relevance in the already saturated "red carpet", "award show" season.

Really You Tube, what is going to set  this evening apart from other red carpets and award shows?
Lookin' forward to seeing what comes of it!

Now, here's a wee smokey eye in golden browns with Prestige Skin Loving Minerals in Jasper!

The Jasper trio is all the eye makeup, the eyebrows, and then I put a set of Eylure Demi Wispies on. My face makeup is NYX HD, I've got a bit of Laura Mercier bronzer 01 and then Mally's Baby pink lipgloss.

Red carpet ready!
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