Thursday, November 21, 2013

HealFast SkinCare: Eggvanced Skin Therapy

 Hello Gorgeous!
I have recently sampled and tested a new product called Heal Fast Skincare and the system I tested was the Eggvanced Skin Therapy System.

Now as you can see in this photo, Fed Ex gets a sock in the nose for fumbling my package and delivering it in a dented box-which whatever they did in transit caused the products to shift from their secure carton positions and the cleanser leaked.

Anybody remember the video from last Christmas where the Fed Ex employee through the tv set over the fence? Yep, that may have happened to me too!

Ok, back to the skincare: the three piece system contains the Egg Creme Cleanser, Ovagen Anti-Aging Eye Cream, and Eggsential Hydro-Repair Moisturizer.

I have used all three and out of the three I love the eye cream best, then the moisturizer and then the cleanser. Ask me again in snowy conditions after a long day of riding my snowboard which is first because I would bet it is the cleanser!

The Egg Creme Cleanser: my experience is super hydrating, soft, does remove makeup and feels like it rinses clean on the skin without being tight.  If you have dry or sensitive skin, this is for you!

The Ovagen Anti-Aging Eye Cream: is super emulsified and when you apply, a lil bit goes a long way and I find it fills in fine lines.

The Eggsential Hydro Repair Moisturizer: again, lots of emulsion and will appear a bit white when you are blending it in but that is the good point, it is so rich on the skin!

Mark Marenick is the inventor of HealFast SkinCare and he began formulatiing the skin care products over a decade ago based on a need to solve his mother's life long battle wiith psoriasis.

Now Marenick has developed "Ovasome Technology" which is the process of integrating whole egg into topical skincare products. The egg contains every vitamin, mineral and protein necessary for life.

HealFast SkinCare is made in the U.S.A.!

To learn more, and get some for yourself please visit

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