Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Organic Male Step 2: Purifying pH Balancer

 Hello Gorgeous!
This post is for the guys in your life-are they taking good care of their skin? Now is the time to get exfoliating, moisturizing and prepping the skin to be ready for close up holiday photos!

I am a fan of the Organic Male brand, and today I have a wee review of the Step 2 in the 4 step skincare regime recommended by Organic Male.

 I have a wee video below the product description for you to enjoy as I demonstrate the product. It has such a nice clean scent!

Oily male skin is particularly susceptible to breakouts and acne.  After shave/after cleansing toning is doubly important in balancing the skin’s natural pH.  White Willow Bark, Violet, and Dandelion extracts are combined to create a potent antiseptic and antibacterial tonic to help to keep pores clear of accumulated debris.  Tea Tree Oil actively fights blemishes and acne.

Product size: 125 ml / 4.227 fl. oz.
 Where to buy Organic Male can be found online here!
Men, and those of you in their lives who make product decisions for them, it is time to get serious about male skin care!
72.8 million baby boomers are waking up, looking in the mirror and saying, “what happened?” Is there something I can do to turn back the hands of time or slow this down? The answer is yes, but it takes just a tiny bit of effort on your part. Introducing:
Organic Male OM4. OM4 is a complete organic skin care system for men. We balance ease with effectiveness to produce noticeable results.

OM4 is a complete organic skin care system for men. We balance ease with effectiveness to produce noticeable results.
  • 4 color-coded products by skin type – sensitive, oily, normal and dry.
  • 4 fast and easy steps.
  • 4 minutes or less to complete.
  • 4 men and the gender’s specific issues associated with male skin.
By now you are thinking, “Well, 4 steps doesn’t seem that easy. Isn’t there some combined product that will work?”
You be the judge. What if you decided to mix, oil, water, antifreeze, and gas, and use it for every system in your car? Specific products produce specific results, and male skin benefits most from 4.
OM4 Skin Conditioning Program
Step 1: WASH, Step 2: BALANCE, Step 3: BIOACTIVATE, Step 4: DEFEND.
OM4’s skin fast and effective conditioning program is designed to (1) defer the onset of premature aging, and (2) protect your most important asset - the face you put forward to the world every day, and more importantly, how that face will continue to look in years to come.
I invite you to learn more about why OM4 is changing the way men think about skin care. We know you will be impressed by our products, and the passion of the OM4 people who serve you. Bottom line is, we care about quality, sustainable organics, the world around us, and most importantly our reason for being, you!

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