Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spray Thin for Thanksgiving day eat'fest and the pounds that follow

Hey Ya Gorgeous!
I'm trying for this week, the appetite suppressant called Spray Thin. Just in time to lose a few pounds before a production where I am the on camera talent and maybe a few pounds to allow for more Thanksgivvukah indulgence?

How Spray Thin Works

One of the more interesting physiological changes that is elicited by scent is hunger/satiety.
Hunger is a biochemical event that is controlled by an area of the brain called the ventromedial nuclei of hypothalamus. When this specific region of the hypothalamus is stimulated, hunger results. When a different area of the hypothalamus, the lateral nucleus, is stimulated, appetite suppression occurs. It’s really that simple.
What might be a surprise to most non-biochemists, however, is the undisputable fact that the fastest and most direct method of hypothalamic stimulation is actually accomplished through smell. To the point, there are olfactory stimuli (scents) that can create hunger and others that can suppress appetite.

Each tube is $29.95 and also comes in a 2 pack with one of each flavor.

Cheers to you and your weight loss success! I'll post back here in 7 days to let you know my results!

Now, here's a video demonstrating the product!
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