Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello November! Chapstick tins are ready to rock!

Hey ya Gorgeous!

November is here. In Arizona, that means the best weather ever! Thanksgiving is in a few short weeks, and I have two weddings to attend, 2 family trips and we are going to be in high altitude, sea level, desert and then some! Now luckily I have a sample of a product that is going to be perfect for the road trips ahead.

As of today, November 1st, ChapStick has their holiday tins ready for pick up and travel!

So get into your Target, Walgreen's or Walmart and get these goodies! The square tins are $4.99, the singles are about a $1 and the big round ornament tin is just $5.99.

Remember, this is a 'stick' so if you have chapped knuckles, cuticles or lips-rub some on! The new candy cane and gingerbread flavors are wonderful scent memories of the holiday season!

Now here is a lil video just for you from me!

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