Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sainthood Herbs & The Wheatgrass People: keeping your immune system healthy this holiday season

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At this moment, I am already on the road to a dear friend's wedding festivities. I have packed these supplements with me for my family to keep us healthy as we go from Phoenix to Carlsbad to San Diego and back to Phoenix before heading home to jump in to an already ramped up Christmas party season!

Sainthood Herbs and Pines Internationl-The Wheatgrass People make natural supplements to keep your immune system strong while traveling and celebrating!

It's my personal opinion that you need to keep your immune system strong especially in a season of stress and anxiety and expectation!
Try these, I've been using them for two weeks now and I'm getting more restful rest and feelin' pretty good with my wheat grass tablets without having to juice it on my own!

Here's a video for you and then there is more product info below that! Enjoy!

Nutritional Analysis of PINES Wheat Grass

This is not a complete list of the nutrients in PINES Wheat Grass. This analysis simply lists those nutrients shown on our labels. Most whole plant foods, including PINES Wheat Grass, contain hundreds of nutrients, including carotenoids, pigments, trace minerals, and phytonutrients.
NOTE: Percent Daily Value (%DV) amounts are based on a single 3.5 gram serving (1 teaspoon or 7 tablets). We recommend two to three servings per day. An asterisk (*), that means the Daily Value of that nutrient is less than 2%. An “na” means no Daily Value has been determined.
Calories   10   *
Calories from fat   0   na
Total fat   0 g   na
Cholesterol   0 g   na
Sodium   0 g   *
Potassium   105 mg   2%
Total Carbohydrates   2 g   *
Dietary Fiber   1 g   4%
Sugars   0 g   na
Protein   1 g   2%
Vitamin A (100% as Betacarotene)   1250 IU   25%
Vitamin C   7 mg   10%
Calcium   15 mg   0%
Iron   1 mg   4%
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)   35 mcg   8%
Chlorophyll   15 mg   na

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and don't forget the Sainthood Herbs!


“Boost series”

  • Contributes to healthy cognitive function*
  • Enhances cognitive performance by improving working memory and supporting attention*
Did you lose your sunglasses again? Misplace those car keys? It might be time for you to BOOST your brain power with American Ginseng, Polygala, Turmeric and Gingko; the perfect combo to enhance memory, attention and focus! So what are you waiting for? Hurry! Before you forget! (Oh, and about your sunglasses… They’re on your head)

I also tested the stress and sleep supplement!


“Solution series”

  • Helps reduce stress by inducing relaxation*
  • Helps with occasional sleeping difficulties*
Stressed out? You know when you’re lying in bed and your mind is doing something like this: one sheep, two sheep, red fish, blue fish, cow, duck, Farmville, Old McDonald has a farm – HEYYY MACARENA! It can be difficult to relax and hit that rem cycle. The SOLUTION is clear. Let our perfect blend of Lemon Balm and Jujube relax you. You can take care of the farm in the morning.