Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Monday-did you get your daily dose of wisdom and encouragement yet?

Happy Monday Gorgeous!

I get more accomplished on a Monday than most other day-why do you think that is? The fresh start to a week? What is it?

Perhaps the daily dose of Word and encouragement I get? I start each day with a Bible verse or sometimes a devotion from this book Wisdom For Everyday  Living by Steve M. Woods.

 This book is a compilation of 365 daily devotions from America's most infuential Christian leaders such as Judy douglass, Anne Graham Lotz, Chuck Booher, Brandon Cox, Jonathan Cahn, Andrew K. Benton, Jim Reeve and Larry Stockstill.

 The book is organized by a life topic or subject such as: Closed doors, Active Faith, Wise Investments and a Place of Rest.

I like to "dip"-you know, the process of just opening the book and letting it fall to wherever it may. I always find something positive and encouraging out of the page I am on and maybe you will too!

If you need a wee pick me up, try this book, and consider it for a gift too!

Find it on Amazon and in your local bookstores. Enjoy!
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