Thursday, June 12, 2014

Armani Sport Code for Father's Day gift!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Tumblin' tumblin' tumbling weed! Mancub and I are off on another adventure. Cheers to the locations having gps signal, wifi, and cell service!

Now, while we are on the road, I wanted to let you know of a last minute Father's Day gift for the dad figure in your life.  If it were my Dad, he rarely on odd occasion wears  Old Spice. True story.

But maybe your dad likes a bit more scent? Manscaping maybe? Armani Sport Code is a perfect choice for the Dad who grills, tutors, rides bikes, and coaches!

Now for some details about Armani Sport Code...

 When you purchase this on there is a discount as well as a pwp! The purchase with purchase is a purse atomizer-or in a gentleman's case-a dop kit or briefcase atomizer. It's nearly half off and is a great way to travel with your scent and if stopped by the TSA and not allowed to bring your perfume on, you won't be throwing away a large bottle.

Inspired by the energy of top athletes, Armani Code Sport by Giorgio Armani is a refreshing cologne designed for today's active man. Created in 2011, this fragrance combines 3 types of mint with Mediterranean citrus for an exhilarating scent. Exotic pink pepper, spicy ginger and icy accords round out the notes and invigorate the senses. Perfect for casual wear, splash on this cool fragrance and feel vibrant and alive all day as you work, play or relax.

LEGO Chima Worriz is a sporty kind of wolf!

Sport. It's a rite of seduction. A vision of Giorgio Armani, translated into a fragrance.

This scent opens with an explosive freshness that features spearmint, peppermint, and wild mint—surprising and unusual top notes with a stunning effect. The citrusy heart of the fragrance reveals Code Sport's seductive power. Notes of vetiver from Haiti reveal a woody and distinguished character, at once wet and dry. Like a crisp coating of ice, a note of hivernal prolongs the dialogue between the scent's cool crispness and sensual breath, giving the fragrance an almost unlimited life.

Spearmint, Peppermint, Wild Mint, Citrus, Hivernal, Hatian Vetiver, Nigerian Ginger.
Stunning. Cool. Seductive.

1.7 oz bottle sells for $65.00 in most retail outlets, so be sure and visit for the best deal!

Early Happy Father's Day!
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