Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fixing sock tan lines at home with FAKE BAKE self tanning mousse

Hi ya Gorgeous!
 My feet have so many different stripes on them from wearing my running sneakers, flip flops and dress flats!

So let me show the process so maybe you can do it too!

Let's start with one tan lined foot in need of a fresh pedicure...

Next, put a lotion on your toes and heel. Why? Because wrinkly piggies and dry skin can absorb the tanning mousse and make more of a stain look instead of a tan look.

Now, I'm using FAKE BAKE Beyond Bronze Self-Tanning Mousse which has a nice brown tone to it and you can see exactly where you are putting it so there is no guesswork.

 NOTE: Really-wear gloves when you apply the FAKE BAKE tanning products with a glove so your palms and fingers don't get stained. I did not have one pair anywhere in the house!

This is the light tan effect after one coat of the self tanning mousse. The can instructions say to layer it as often as needed to achieve the desired look. I think I will put one more coat on.

 It was a bit more runny than I thought it would be, so be sure and wear gloves and have paper towels on hand as well as work on an area that is stain proof!

 FAKE BAKE products are available on line as well as Sephora and Ulta. This product retails for $30.00.

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