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LEGOland Chima waterpark: a day of fun and then some *Edited update for summer price increase*

 Holla Gorgeous!
This is a review of my recent trip to the Legoland California waterpark, the new attraction sponsored by Cartoon Network called LEGO Chima Waterpark.  It is a section inside the waterpark dedicated to the characters from LEGO Chima.

So let the LEGO Chima Water Park review begin!
UPDATE: I went when the water park opened, but now as of July 7th, 2014, I was just in the park today and there has been a summer price increase for the cabanas. They are now $275 and $250 in the Chima Waterpark and $200 for the original water park area.

Though my family resides in Arizona, we have annual passes and visit often, about once every six weeks or so.

It is exciting to see the park grow and add new attractions and adventures. On our personal family bucket list is to visit all of the Lego parks and discovery centers!

 So when you walk into Legoland, turn left and head to the water park which is next to The Lego Club, just past the Duplo area. Once you are inside the LEGO waterpark, continue to the right hand side and walk straight back and you will see the LEGO Chima Waterpark.

This picture shows the wave pool and what is the Lions area.

 See the blue cabanas in the back right bottom corner of the photo? Those are for rent, and worth every single penny. How do I know? I rented one on the other side of the wave pool. Those 3 are $175 each, and come with 4 towels and 2 bags and 14 drinks.

 The one I rented, Leonidas was $150, came with 2 towels, 1 bag and 10 drinks. Why rent a cabana? Because if you are going to be there more than an hour, it's an awesome respite from the business of the park as well as a shade from the sun, plus a private place to change, enjoy lunch, relax, nap, make a few work calls/texts and gives the kids a home base to meet up at if they want to turn pruny in the water.

 My cabana had a pink and a blue towel along with the bag. Drinks were a mix of Honest Kids juice bags, pop and water. LEGO Chima Laval and Worriz travel on most of the family vacations! Including to Legoland!

One of my favorite things about Legoland versus other amusement parks, is that you may bring in some of your own snacks. See the bottom shelf? I have my son's apples and trail mix for snacks. They do not encourage it, but if you have a bottle of water and an apple in your purse, Legoland will not take it from you unlike some other parks.

 Here's the cabana, 2 chairs, 2 chaise lounges, a table, recycle can, trash can, and a bucket of bricks to play with.
 You may think, what is this cabana missing? I'll tell you! A tv inside the cabana that airs the LEGO Chima shows that are also playing in the food area and next to the bathroom. Literally, after lunch, my son wanted to sit on the bench by the bathroom and watch the entire show. He needed to wait a bit before going back in the water, so it was a good idea-just, I would have rather relaxed in the cabana and watched the show there.

 Look, nice large bucket of bricks: note: you can play with them in the cabana but not in the water! The lazy river large building bricks are not to be used in the Chima waterpark area either. Something about a floating hazard? Lame.

Speaking of lunch! The cabana comes with a host who can help get cups of ice, order and deliver lunch and in general assist with your visit to the LEGO Chima Waterpark.
This is the menu from the Wolve's Den Grill.

 My Mancub ordered the Hot Dog Kids Kit which comes with a hot dog, bag of chips, box of raisins and Honest Kids juice bag. He also ordered a rice krispie treat and a side of fries. Then ate it all! The other item is my chili cheese smothered tater tots. Not my healthiest choice but definitely very tasty!

 As per my family's normal experience with eating at Legoland, the food was hot, fresh, and tasty. No complaints. The prices aren't the lowest, but I figure it's entertainment prices like when you go to a concert and pay $10 for a beer.

Again, the cabana-worth every penny to be sitting in the cool shade and privacy. Now, if only we had a flat screen mounted to the top corner where we could watch some  LEGO shows while resting after lunch!

 If you don't rent a cabana and have lunch brought to you, simple dine in at the Wolve's Den Grill. See on the center pole and on the right / left corner? There are a few tv sets  to watch the shows in  the main dining area.
This is the only place to get food and drink in the LEGO Chima Waterpark, but there is also another snack stand at the front of the main waterpark.

Now, what is there to do in the LEGO Chima Waterpark? The start attraction to my son was the boat building station.

This was a great idea LEGO! This area is beautiful and it has a small retail stand for water play necessities like extra swimsuits, sunscreen, flip flops and hats. The boat building is next to the retail stand.

 You get a bottom, design it with LEGO and then set it sailing in a race against others down the water way full of obstacles!
 My child spent a lot of time playing, designing and racing boats here! Even Worriz got in on the action!

There is also a speeder race and test area where the challenge is to send the speeder up the hill and into the bucket. 

It's a fun place in the shade to play and build. Laval and Worriz are racing each other with Cragger's speeder.

This is the Cragger's Swamp area and it does have a few small slides and is primarily in Mancub's vernacular "for babies". Yes, it is geared towards a younger swimmer, maybe someone in swim diapers, but it also has many unique springs and spurts along the water features and tower.

Laval greets you at the wave pool which is next to our cabana and my son's second favorite spot after boat building. There are several rows of low seated pool chairs in soft white sand in front of the wave pool with palm trees for shade.

The large LEGO sculpture greets you between Cragger's Swamp area and transitions you to the Lion wave pool.

As if you need one more reason to invest in the cabana, it also gives you a fast pass front of the line once an hour to the Pirates Reef boat ride. The one that super soaks you and all around it. It was awesome!

Finally, there are showers to rinse off with, a nice large clean changing area as well as a family bathroom.

There are lockers for rent in the changing area and a wristband is included in cabana rental or you can purchase for an hour or the day. The neat thing about the wristband is it's easy to scan in and out of your locker instead of trying to tie a key to your suit!

Phew! This is one long review! I wanted to touch on as much detail as possible to help you decide in visiting the LEGO Chima Waterpark. I did not receive any compensation for this review.

I wanted to share with other mom's about a good clean choice for family fun that is affordable and safe for kids of all ages. If your wee bairn is in a wheelchair, no worries-plenty of ramps with a bit of slip grip on it.

If you need coupons for visiting LEGOland California, simply visit 
or better yet, there is always a coupon in the free Lego Club magazine for kids. It's free to subscribe and is handed out in the Lego stores.

Enjoy your summer vacation making memories with your family!

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